New cast vinyl wrapped vehicle

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Our new cast vinyl wrapped car!

Big Brand Productions decided to make-over their car with a 3/4 cast vinyl wrap for marketing on the move.  As a result of delicate work and perfection – Big Brand Productions make sure that the cast vinyl fits your vehicle like a glove. We work to have your car stand out and be unique the way you want it to.

Cast vinyl is a specific type of vinyl made for stretching and can be molded around the car’s curves as well sharper edges around the bumpers. Not only can this vinyl cover your car’s body, but it can also be placed on the windows. This is the perfect type of advertisement for your company!  Make your company even more visible to the consumer that is on the road and not only the website surfers. If you need a specific and unique design, Marketing Support Services‘ exceptional designers can create an insane, eye-catching design – you can work directly with them to achieve the desired look. You can also provide us with your own artwork.  The choice is up to you!

We can add minimum advertisement, something small like your logo, company phone number or website address. Or we can wrap your entire car. For finishing touches, why not in fact add some reflective vinyl?  Reflective vinyl contains small particles that reflect when a light is shone directly onto it.  This will make your car vibrant and visible even in the evening. Even better – the reflective vinyl is available in various colors!

Call Big Brand Productions now to make your car stand out from the rest.  In addition to Big Brand Productions’ newly wrapped car – see more cast vinyl, check out Big Brand Productions’ other news: Tata, CSI and their cast vinyl wraps.