Big Brand Productions and the Volvo Construction event:

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Volvo construction event branding and signage:

Big Brand Productions recently branded some of the features for the Volvo Construction event in helping them to set a new standard in construction. For a high quality and impact event, one needs branding to fit the profile. Big Brand Productions printed and installed various signage for this big Volvo event in 2017.

Installations consisted out of wall branding against the sides, back and entrance. The print and the setup were done perfectly inside and outside of the truck.

The team printed vinyl for the truck trailer, as well as for the truck itself. See below a slideshow of photos. The sides of the trailer, the rear doors, as well as the truck’s door were wrapped in cast vinyl. The trailer is more than 14m in length and 2 m in height.

On the inside of facilities a long wall was branded with Volvo’s 6 construction trucks. There were 3 wall mounted fabric frames installed next to the entrances of the facility. These fabric frames displays the beautiful trucks and amazing print quality.

Outside on the grounds multiple boards with maps were also installed as well as pylons of 1 m x 1.8 m were used. Big Brand Productions rent out these pylons, simply changing the design and style of the artwork you require. This is perfect for almost any event; it’s sturdy and grabs attention. For more information regarding these pylons or any other marketing needs, contact Big Brand Productions. A1 Route signage with droppers and loose arrows along with A4 Truck spec foam boards were printed, designed and installed for the event.

If you need to set a new standard in your marketing material, contact Big Brand Productions for quick and quality assistance.