Light box and wallpaper installation

Big Brand Productions recently revamped the DA office with a beautiful and clean look at the reception area. Part of the installation was the light box of the DA logo on bright blue wallpaper with a hint of abstract designs. Vinyl on the office windows were also part of the installation. Read more about this in the news feed. This signage gives a fresh new look for the DA’s office. It is welcoming and a job done to perfection.  Nothing can make an office feel new and exciting like new artwork against the wall or simply an update of old faded colors.

Light Box and wallpaper installed at DA office

Light boxes are not just meant for inside office displays, but are also perfect for outside displays. Who doesn’t want advertising that’s effective and attention grabbing 24/7. For more information or a quote on wallpaper, light boxes or any other branding and signage, call or email Big Brand Productions. For creative and professional artwork contact our sister company, Marketing Support Services.

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