Big Brand Productions branded the Volvo 520, 400, 370 and 330 with cut-out cast vinyl. Being on the road with their beautiful trucks it’s the most creative and effective advertising tool for a company. Even a little branding goes a very long way. There is a strip of artwork branded on each side of the truck doors.¬† Like what you see? Big Brand Productions specializes in vinyl printing and installation.

Volvo Truck Branding with vinyl printing

Big Brand Productions doesn’t just do small cut-out vinyl. They can do entire vehicle wrapping as well. If you don’t like the vinyl see our Contra Vision work.¬†Contra Vision is a one-way vision graphic creating not only a brilliant way to advertise but also offers some privacy. For any other branding and signage that you might need give BBP a call on 012 346 4473 for information or a quote.

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